Gathering Transition Celebration

During the last four years The Gathering have met in a number of different locations, and carrying out a wide range of activities, all centring around the five marks of The Gathering (Jesus + prayer +imagination + community + hospitality). We have been blessed with new friendships, yummy meals together, creative activities, ideas shared, and the opportunity to freely and openly discuss matters of faith. Recognising that The Gathering is made up of whichever group of people gather, we have attempted to be an ‘improv church’ reacting to the circumstances and thoughts that are important and central to the members of the group at any given time.

As we approach our fourth birthday, we have decided to pause, and reflect on what comes next for The Gathering, recognising that as an improv church, we should not be afraid to respond to our (ever-changing) circumstances. We will continue to meet during this time, aiming to continue our deep conversations, creativity and supporting one another in our faith journeys, but at the same time listening to where the Spirit is leading us, and staying alert to see where the door is opening for our next chapter.

To acknowledge this change in direction, we propose to hold a ‘Transition Celebration’ for The Gathering, to give thanks for all that has been, and to mark the commencement of the next chapter (whatever that may be) in our life as an ‘improv church’. We would like for as many people as possible to join us for this ‘closing’ evening on Wednesday 16th March, 6.30pm at The Dream Factory, CEMC, 25 Nicolson Square, Edinburgh EH8 9BX.

We would welcome conversation with anyone who has an interest in how the Gathering might develop in the future. Please come along on the 16th or otherwise get in touch with us if you’d like to be part of that discussion.

We’ll begin with a shared meal, please bring a contribution for the table.

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